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CorporateMail Security | Email Anti-spam, email Anti-Virus, email Continuity
Maintenance, proactive server and computer maintenance.

CorporateMail Security

Email Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Continuity.

The never-ending battle to protect email communications from spam, viruses and other threats can be particularly draining on organizations with limited IT resources or email threat expertise. Businesses that rely on efficient email communications can turn to CorporateMail Security for help in eliminating the email threats that sap productivity, increase storage, bandwidth and administrative costs, and put their networks at risk.

With CorporateMail Security - Email Defense your business can have peace of mind, knowing that the technology used to protect your email communications is 99.7% effective (over time) in containing and destroying potentially damaging emails.

CorporateMail Security - Email Defense

  • Anti-Spam Blocking 99.7% Track Record
  • Virus and Worm Scanning - No Need to Purchase Other Software
  • Content & Attachment Filtering - Done Before Going to Your Server
  • Fraud Protection - Keeps You and Your Employees Safe
  • Outbound Message Filtering - Keeps Your Reputation Intact
  • Email Policy Management Including Group Policies and White Lists
  • Email Continuity - Work When Email Is Down
  • Quarantine Management

Choose the CorporateMail Security Plan That Best Meets the Needs of Your Company

CorporateMail Security - Email Defense Basic Standard Premium
Advanced Spam Blocking
Premium Anti-Spam Multi-Language Filter
Content and Attachment Filtering
Email Attack Protection
Fraud Protection
Advanced Admin. & Reporting Portal
Sophisticated Quarantine Management
24/7/365 Monitoring and Support**
Outbound Message Filtering
14-day Spam Quarantine  
Triple Virus and Worm Scanning  
Fail Safe Service  
Message Continuity    
CorporateMail Security Investment* $1.85 $2.50 $3

Powered by McAfee®
* Per User, Per Month - sold in minimum bundles of 5 licenses
** Additional fees may apply

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CorporateMail Security Features and Benefits


Eliminates 90% of spam costs by blocking over 99 percent of spam. Our Stacked Classification Framework® spam detection system, is powered by patented technology and combines the most effective spam-fighting filters and techniques in the industry. This multi-layered framework separately assesses and "votes" on the probability that an email is spam. Because each filtering method has unique strengths designed to identify specific threats, the combination creates one of the most accurate and comprehensive filtering processes in the industry.


CorporateMail Security - Email Defense detects, blocks and strips viruses and worms at the network perimeter before they can enter and damage your messaging infrastructure. In addition it offers comprehensive, 24 x 7 protection against email-borne viruses and worms, with triple protection that includes our proprietary WormTraq® worm detection technology and two of our three signature-based anti- virus engines; Authentium®, McAfee® and Sophos®.


Conceals your network and critical messaging gateways from attack. Instantly blocks denial of service and other SMTP-based attacks - dictionary harvest attacks, email bombs and channel flooding.


Protects your employees from fraud and phishing scams.


Reduces corporate liability and risk through intelligent message processing that identifies, quarantines and blocks unwanted, malicious and sensitive content and attachments.


Proactively protects your clients from harmful viruses and worms, enforces your corporate email policy by filtering out specific content and attachments in the messages leaving your network. Also offers the option to include disclaimers on all outbound messages.

CorporateMail Security FAIL SAFE SERVICE

Incorporates complete back-up protection for your email server in case of an unforeseeable outage or malfunction, or during planned maintenance.

CorporateMail Security MESSAGE CONTINUTITY

Enables ongoing email communications and protects against information loss during planned or unplanned outages for businesses while also providing Web-based email access, management and use during outages.


CorporateMail Security's safe, external and email-based quarantine reporting process significantly reduces email administration and false positives (legitimate email misidentified as spam).


CorporateMail Security Threat Center is a sophisticated streaming data environment where CorporateMail Security monitors the global state of email communication, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides its customers with real-time updates and protec- tion.


Enables your organization to easily configure and manage email protection and filtering for all your email servers using one centralized Web-based tool.


The CorporateMail Security Provisioning Team works with you to activate and configure your account.