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Server and Computer Repair | Corporate Computer Services
Maintenance, proactive server and computer maintenance.

Computer and Network Repair

Knowledgeable and available computer services for the computer repair issue you are struggling with today. We have literally fixed thousands of computer issues and have not encountered something we could not resolve. We guarantee the work we do and guarantee your satisfaction. See the list below to for many of the computer and server issues you are dealing with.

We Can Resolve Your Computer Issue, Guaranteed.

  • Do you have computer problems that need attention today?
  • Do you have network issues that are driving you crazy?
  • Is your email down?
  • Does your server or workstations keep freezing or crashing?
  • Do you have nagging technical issues that need to be taken care of professionally?
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Corporate Computer Services can address the following computer repair and server repair issues:

  • Compaq computer repair
  • Computer Consulting Services
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Computer Project Planning
  • Computer Slowness
  • Computer Viruses
  • Computer virus removal
  • Data Back Up issues
  • Data Recovery
  • Dell computer repair
  • Dell laptop repair
  • Firewall Installation
  • Firewall Repair
  • Email Problems
  • Email Security Issues
  • (Generic) Laptop Repair
  • Hardware Consulting
  • HP computer repair
  • IBM computer Repair
  • Internet Connection problems
  • Internet Security Issues
  • Microsoft NT Server repair
  • Microsoft 2000 Server repair
  • Microsoft Server 2003 repair
  • Microsoft Exchange repair
  • Mobile device issues (Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Blackberry, PDA)
  • Network Consulting
  • Network Design
  • Network Maintenance
  • Network Security
  • Network Upgrades
  • OnSite Computer Repair
  • Printing Issues
  • Remote Access to Networks
  • Router Issues
  • Server Installation
  • Server Repair
  • Small Business Server 2000, 2003, 2008
  • Spam Blocking
  • Spyware removal
  • Windows NT repair
  • Windows 98 repair
  • Windows XP repair
  • Windows Vista repair
  • Windows 7 Repair
  • Wireless Networking Issues

10 Warning Signs of Computer or Server Trouble

Here's a quick look at some of the most common issues you're likely to face with your computers and servers that aren't functioning as they should. We'll also share the most important steps you can take to improve the overall health of your technology infrastructure. To view the entire article, click 10 Warning Signs of Computer or Server Trouble.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of an Ailing Computer or Server

"Computers and servers rarely stop working overnight," says Michael Carpenter, Director of IT Services at Corporate Computer Services, "most likely, there are warning signs along the way that things aren't quite right." If you find yourself asking the following questions, chances are your computer or server needs some more investigative work that may be deeper than just a break fix visit by your local "computer guy."

  1. Your computer/server is slow, freezes or crashes (these are the most obvious ones)
  2. You aren't able do something you were able to do before
  3. You are noticing an unusual amount of pop-up windows
  4. You have created work-arounds for something that's not working right
  5. You don't know the status of your current backup situation
  6. You don't have current Microsoft security-related updates
  7. You don't have current virus definitions
  8. You aren't sure if you have a firewall in place
  9. Printing is inconsistent
  10. Sending or receiving emails is inconsistent

Professional Computer Support for Small Businesses in Orange County

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Do you need a computer repair service that will help you with your computer network repair or PC computer repair issue? Are you are tired of the inconsistent, "break-fix" kind of computer support that is more about fixing what doesn't work than about proactively helping you get the most out of your network? Contact Corporate Computer Services today.